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A Time For Prayer (Response to Attacks on Israel and War in Gaza)

Dear Metro Family,Since October 7, 2023, I have been watching, listening, and praying about all that is taking place in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas. I have been trying to make sense of it all. I have been asking the Lord what to dowhat to saywhat to think. Over and over again, I keep coming back to a simple answer pray. As I pray, the words from Psalm 122 a...

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Praying and Mourning For the Atrocities in Israel, Update on the Missionaries We Support There, and

This past Sunday Pastor Rigo prayed for Israel and for the missionaries we support there (join that prayer here). At the time, I only knew there had been an attack, but I was in Ocean City all day Saturday and didn't have a chance to really take in what was going on until after service on Sunday. I thought it was another exchange of fire across Gaza like in 2021. But t...

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Prayer In Light of the Chaos In D.C

The following was written by Pastor Shea Oakley to open a prayer meeting today at noon. --- I had a specific topic I was looking forward to sharing with you today. But based on what happened in Washington D.C. yesterday I feel there is something more important for me to communicate. As this is a prayer meeting I believe the most important thing which we can pray for r...

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Praying for Haiti and Afghanistan

As our church has been praying and fasting for what is happening in Haiti and Afghanistan, and as I have been reading over different resources, it seems like the need in both countries can be distilled down to the following four categories: Physical Protection and Physical Provision The people of Afghanistan need both, as do the people of Haiti. Both are facing ...

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Don’t Be Afraid to Pray BIG

Do we put a limit on our God? It may seem like a silly question since we are in no position to do so but I pose the question all the same. More accurately the question could be framed do we put a limit on our expectations of our God? For me, and I suspect for many of you, the answer is yes. One of the many effects of this recent Coronavirus pandemic has been the opp...

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He Knows…

During this past week as I was praying, I found myself asking God if I could see His will in all of this. I had a vision. I saw the earth and it was all covered in a huge snow storm. I immediately thought of the scripture: "Come now, and let us reason together:", Says the Lord, "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimso...

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Some Of You Will Be Disappointed Tomorrow

Tomorrow our nation will elect a new President. We have a mixed church that will be voting for different candidates. Therefore, some of you will be disappointed with who wins the election. Perhaps slightly frustrated. Perhaps extremely discouraged. There are high-stakes in this election, arguably much higher than the last election. Depending on where you get your news ...

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After Orlando, Can We Still Weep Together?

The following was taken from We woke up Sunday morning to news of the worst mass shooting in American history, as a terrorist murdered and injured over a hundred people in a gay nightclub in Orlando. In the aftermath, we've seen some of the best aspects of America: people lining up, for example, to give blood for the victims. We've also seen some of th...

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How to Pray in Light of Another Random Shooting

In the wake of the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon yesterday, we all know that we should pray. We just struggle to know what exactly to pray for. I mean, as I think about the parents who must have stayed up all night weeping for the loss of their children, prayer doesn't seem all that helpful. Nevertheless, here are some thoughts: We should pray for...

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Christmas & The Newtown Tragedy

December 19, 2012 There are two things that I see everywhere I look - signs of Christmas, and the latest reports about the Newtown tragedy. In between holiday songs and commercials about sales at Best Buy, the news and radio have been non-stop with coverage on the Connecticut community -- from eyewitness accounts to interviews with psychologists and priests to politicia...

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