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Even during this yuletide season I'm not sure that we who call ourselves Christians often give much thought to the profoundevent that we are about to celebrate, a miracle that exists at the very center of our faith. The Advent on earth of the universal God in human form is a mystery both blessed and sublime. We are all far the less spiritually if we do not take time at thi...

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An Invite to a 19-year Old

One evening when I was 19 years old, I wandered into a church service that forever changed the trajectory of my life. I was living on my own in LA and having a really hard time. I had somewhat come to the end of being my own master. Then a young couple who I barely knew invited me to their church for a Wednesday night service because they were getting baptized. And God ha...

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True Life and Healing in the 21st-Century American Church

About seven years ago I had a personal trainer who told me one day that his wife had been treated for abdominal cysts that had been serious enough to warrant surgical intervention, apparently more than once. He also told me that she would be going for testing the next day because the doctors were virtually certain that she had another one. I told him that I would pray for ...

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