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5 Years In

Yesterday we celebrated the 5 year birthday of True Life Church. At our potluck celebration, the church community thanked Chris and me and prayed over us and for the continuation of our journey. As we stood up there, I couldn't help but think about how grateful I am for this community, and how I should be the one thanking them rather than the other way around. I grew up ...

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The Honeymoon Ended For Me

I've noticed something in the 4 1/2 years we have been a church, something most people seem to have experienced at True Life (not everyone, but most). Here's how it goes: A person comes into True Life and often loves our church right away. They hate missing service, want to help in any way possible, find everyone so warm and inviting, and re-arrange their schedules in...

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Marissa and TLC

Back on September 10th, at our Church-Plant Graduation Party, a few people shared aobut their experiences at True Life and what God has done. Marissa Rubenstein decided to write something up and offered to let me (Pastor Chris) share it with all of you. ________________ Hello Everyone, So many of you know me as True Life's resident Jew! I have been with True Life since...

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True Life Chronicles, Part 2

August 7, 2013 This past week has had many highs and lows for me personally when it comes to this church thing. I'm gonna' write about one of each, both of which occurred outside of Sunday morning. The low happened last Wednesday. A few months ago Dan Gina Sachowski, who are part of True Life, introduced me to a couple they are friends with whose 19-month old daughter w...

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True Life Chronicles - Part 3

From September 3, 2013 Well, a month ago I set out to write something every week about the new life of our church plant, and I failed already. I missed two weeks in a row. But I have a good excuse -- I didn't feel like it. I was busy with day-to-day things, and I didn't feel like stopping to think about what God is doing in our church. It didn't seem too important. An...

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True Life Chronicles - Part 4

From September 13, 2013 I have read in many books a church-planting principle that goes something like this: Use Programs to build people, instead of using people to build programs. I agree with this in theory. But in practice, it's often more tempting to focus on programs because you can see the tangible progress of programs. Programs are easier to control, easier to...

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True Life Chronicles - Pt. 1

July 31, 2013 Today is Sunday, July 28th, 2013. We have been fully "operational" for 5 months now, and I got home from our service today and got the urge to want to start chronicling - on a weekly basis - the life of True Life Church. My hope is that others will join me in the chronicling (meaning - I hope others will write posts like this one because I won't feel like ...

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