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I'm Sorry for De-Valuing Sundays

When I first got into church-planting back in 2009, there was a lot of talk, trainings, and workshops centered around how Sunday morning gatherings had been too overly-emphasized in past decades. I was taught and reminded of the other important vehicles for community and discipleshi So when we started True Life, I talked about Sunday mornings sort of in the negative: "o...

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The Three P's Of Mission

Two weeks ago - in Easter - part 2 -- I briefly mentioned the 3 P's of Mission. 3 Aspects of Mission that we as a church and each of us individually should be engaged in. CAN be engaged in. Here they are spelled out in a bit more detail: PRESENCEThis is about simply BEING the presence of Jesus, letting the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit ooze out of us onto those around ...

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One Practical Way to Remember Our Purpose

This past Sunday was "In the Beginning - Part 2: Our Purpose." Usually while preaching I end up leaving out some of my notes and expounding on something else. Most of the time, it's because the notes I left out just would not be helpful. But with this past Sunday's message, I feel it might be helpful to follow-up with a blog and include some of the things left out, mainly...

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