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Idolatry In My Life

October 17, 2012 What is an idol? Essentially it is a God other than God himself. It is something that we consume ourselves with and base our life's meaning upon. If it is taken away, we will lose our sense of peace and joy. As Christians, we worship God himself, and as a result we can't have idols because it would mean that we aren't worshipping God. We can't worship ...

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The Funny Thing About Community

November 15, 2012 Growing up, my mom used to always say that God gave me good eye sight to make up for my poor sense of direction. Now, I'm not entirely sure that's the way God was thinking about things, but that thought has always stuck with me. When I'm lost (which is very common for me) and frustrated with my (lack of) sense of direction, I am actually more grateful ...

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