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Why and How to Use Scripture As a Foundation For Prayer

Below are two videos: The first is a clip from a January 2nd sermon about WHY we need Scripture for prayer. 2.And now here is a little video outlining the HOW. It's not an exhaustive teaching by any means; just a few minutes giving three different examples. ...

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Alexa's Silent Reminder

Listen to Alexa.MOV Since the onset of the Corona Virus many of us had taken to, what I call "panic praying." Those few seconds of prayer similar to Peter's "Lord save me" panic prayer when he took his eyes off Jesus as he began to sink into the stormy seas of Galilee. "Lord help us" or "Save us from this virus," we say. At those times we've not only taken our eye...

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Sometimes you have to close your eyes to see

I'm home watching hallmark movies and there it is once again. It's crystal clear. Everyone can see it but the main character - it's LOVE. Yes, "true love" stares her in the face in its most perfect form. It's considerate, helpful, patient, loyal, slow to anger and all around gracious. True love is standing there waiting for this longing-for-love individual to open her ...

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Family Sabbath


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An Hour's Time

During this strange season of "lock-downs", "Social Distancing", and "Shelter in place" It may be a good time for us who are part of the True Life Church family to share with one another some of the ways we have learned to seek the Lord in solitude. In that spirit I would like to share a personal spiritual discipline that I have practiced over the past dozen or so years, o...

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Missing God

I have been finding myself feeling lonely and sad lately. I have been feeling like someone or something has been missing. I'm looking around and my family is there and friends are there. So, I'm asking myself, "What is your problem?" "Why are you so sad?" "Why are you feeling lonely?" Then it dawned on meI was sad because I was missing God I pray every day, but the chaos,...

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Take Every Task Captive Today

The most dangerous thing about tomorrow is the temptation to forget God, to live and talk and act as if God doesn't exist. It's the greatest danger any day: to live our daily lives our daily habits, daily work, daily relationships overestimating ourselves and overlooking God. We know God exists, but we just lose track of him sometimes for a day, or a month, or longer...

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No Prayer, No Power

January 20, 2015 "This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer." (Mark 9:29) "Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation." (Mark 14:38) I recently rearranged my study at home. But I did not remove the prayer corner or the prayer bench. I made it more private. All I have ever read and experienced teaches me that deep spiritual influence for the good o...

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Our Big 7 Prayers for 2015

January 13, 2015 On January 4th we began a new sermon series called "A CALL TO PRAY." Our hope is that we would be a praying church, a church that is utterly dependent on God's grace and power in order to make things happen. And for the first two weeks of this series we focused on "Our Big 7 Prayers For 2015" -- specific things that we're praying for regarding our churc...

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