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A Covid Healing Testimony

It's a snow day and I love to clean on snow days - so by 10 a.m., I washed down all my kitchen cabinets and hand-shampooed my living room carpet - thinking this is a good day to share my healing testimony! I tested positive for Covid on Dec. 23; my symptoms were mild chills and a slight fever. I figured I would have a slight case, however, each day I felt worse and weaker ...

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Healing Stories From 2020

Below are healing stories that have popped up in our church community since 2020 started. ----- "At church I was one of the people who came up to the front to ask for healing. I asked Dan Dornacker to pray for my eyesight in my left eye which has been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. I realized in late October I was starting to have some problems seeing with that eye...

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Consider Jesus

How do you see Jesus? Years ago, I embarked on a project to research divine healing. Oddly, it led me to a Jesus I had never known growing up in church. Rather than becoming focused on healing, I became acquainted with the Healer. It was then that I learned that He made me righteous, not my behavior; His faith is perfect, so mine does not have to be. It was all about ...

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The Day God Did Not Heal Me

I was in the midst of enduring my fifth miscarriage last weekend when Chris shared his sermon on prayer for healing. It had been an intense few weeks involving the excitement and uncertainty of a new pregnancy, the fear of something going wrong, the crushing feeling of having our fears realized at the lack of heartbeat at the first ultrasound, and then two weeks of the p...

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Anxiety Meds and a Healing in Process

So I feel like I'm the last possible person to be writing this email, but I also feel compelled to claim this and "pick up my mat and walk" so to speak so I'm telling you about it. On and off I've been praying that God would heal me from my anxiety, specifically that I would be able to go off of my medication. This week I ran out of meds and for a few days now have been s...

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