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An Empower Testimony from Pam Francis

It's hard to know where to begin whenI think about how Empower has impacted me over these past few months...because there is so much! About a year ago, even a little before that, I felt God tugging at my heart to lead me in a new direction. I was retired at that point so I had a little more flexibility in my schedule and I just had a desire to learn and grow and serve God...

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An Empower Testimony Allyn McCarthy

Throughout Scripture we see that God answers the prayers of His people. Sometimes He says yes. An example of this is when He granted Solomon with the wisdom he was praying for to rule his kingdom (1Kings 3:9). Sometimes the answer is a definitive no, like when God said no to David's plan to build a temple (2 Samuel 7). Sometimes God wants us to wait. He may definitively te...

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