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Consider Jesus

How do you see Jesus? Years ago, I embarked on a project to research divine healing. Oddly, it led me to a Jesus I had never known growing up in church. Rather than becoming focused on healing, I became acquainted with the Healer. It was then that I learned that He made me righteous, not my behavior; His faith is perfect, so mine does not have to be. It was all about ...

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The Day God Did Not Heal Me

I was in the midst of enduring my fifth miscarriage last weekend when Chris shared his sermon on prayer for healing. It had been an intense few weeks involving the excitement and uncertainty of a new pregnancy, the fear of something going wrong, the crushing feeling of having our fears realized at the lack of heartbeat at the first ultrasound, and then two weeks of the p...

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Answered Prayers for Jennifer Lawes

I have always known and accepted Jesus as my savior. However, I have never been to a church with such a real emphasis on transparency. The fact that this authenticity exists with True Life has prompted me to work more towards getting closer to knowing Jesus Christ. I did want to reach out a bit and say a few things on New year's but my circumstances have been a bit of a "L...

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Blessings From in Debbie Robertson's Life

After my retirement in March 2019, I had 3 unfortunate and atypical occurrences happen to me over the first 6 months that were frightening and confusing. I am thankful for the many people in our church that were very thoughtful and concerned for me and prayed me through this season. Initially, Donna especially, kept sending me encouraging devotionals as the Lord would put ...

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