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Giving God Glory Through Gratitude

The Glory of God has to do with the weight, the girth, the bigness of God. His magnificent beauty, his extraordinary might, his incredible greatness. So to give God glory doesn't mean we have the power to make him bigger or more beautiful than he already is. It is more the idea of giving him the honor and the praise that his glory is due. It is to point at, to reflect, to...

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A New Name

When our first daughter Kayla was born, the hospital asked us what we wanted to name her. And we said to the nurse, "she's not ready to be named yet. We're going to wait until she feels ready." Just kidding. That would be ridiculous. But that's what a lot of people do with baptism. "Yes, I trust Jesus as my savior, but I'm just not ready yet to be baptized. I want to get...

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