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Marissa and TLC

Back on September 10th, at our Church-Plant Graduation Party, a few people shared aobut their experiences at True Life and what God has done. Marissa Rubenstein decided to write something up and offered to let me (Pastor Chris) share it with all of you. ________________ Hello Everyone, So many of you know me as True Life's resident Jew! I have been with True Life since...

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Healing for Liz Mack

In 2010 my life was drastically changed. I was filled with an overwhelming feeling that I needed to find a church and renew my relationship with God. In August I started my journey back into God's fold. It was an amazing time in my life I felt the best I ever had. In October I had a routine surgery andthree days laterI was given the news that I had a rare and aggressive fo...

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Lack of Healing Due to Lack of Faith?

There are abuses with every doctrine in Scripture. And based on what you have experienced in your life, you will add your "Yeah but what about." after reading certain biblical passages. When John says that 'If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.." (1 John 1:9) some of us respond with, "But what ...

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Healing Story from April Walters

A couple of years ago my mom had both hips replaced. Even with the replacement she was still in a lot of pain, and walked around with a cane. A couple of weeks ago, when my dad had his first stint surgery, she go up and started walking down the hospital hallway. When she began to walk without her cane, In panic Iasked her where her cane was. She really can't walk without ...

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Healing Story from Pam Hess

I grew up Catholic so I had an idea of God and Jesus and at times would pray but no relationship. When I was 18 I hurt my back and started going to a chiro where I lived. At 27 I moved to the shore and couldn't find a chiro for over a year. I was teaching gymnastics in Livingston and commuted there 6 days a week. In June of 96 I was laying in bed thinking. I said to Go...

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In my 27 years as a believer, I have found that how I am feeling before I open the Bible can profoundly affect how I perceive what I am studying at that moment. This is particularly true if I am in the midst of some circumstantial struggle that has contributed to a pre-existing sense of anxiety or depression. In this case, the seemingly harsher verses of Scripture seem to ...

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