As Told By A Scoundrel: Freedom From Revenge

May 15, 2022 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: As Told By a Scoundrel

Topic: character , temptation, sin

Matthew 5:38-48

It is normal to fight back against enemies. It is normal to try to get revenge. It is normal to retaliate when someone hurts us. That is because we are made in God's image and therefore have a desire for justice.

The problem, however, is that because of sin and rebellion against God, our sense of justice has been distorted. And now we have a tendency to feel as though anytime someone disagrees with us, it’s a justice issue and they’re on the wrong side and need to pay. And even if they truly have done wrong, our distorted sense of justice makes us more offended by their wrongs than we are concerned about the sins they are stuck in.

Jesus wants to free us from our vindictive hearts and give us hearts of love for our enemeis.