Proverbs 29: When You Need Justice

Many seek audience with a ruler, but it is from the Lord that one gets justice. - Proverbs 29:26 - 

Injustice abounds all around us. And when we are feeling fed up with it, when it affects us personlly, then we look for solutions. We look for something - or someone - to put our hope in. 

It's normal to look to kings and presidents and governors and policies. And I don't think this proverb is saying that is necessarily wrong - not if we are looking past those human agents to the God who is sovereign over them. 

But if the next presidential election or the new boss at work becomes bigger in our hearts than God, then we have slipped into idolatry. And THAT is what this proverb is warning about.  

So how do we know when we have crossed that line?

I’m not so sure. 

I think fear is a big indicator. Fear of “them” - the other side, the other guy (or girl), the other party. When disagreements over solutions turns into fear of "them" winning, or "them" ruining our society, then we may be seeking a ruler INSTEAD of God. 

Flattery is another indicator. When we are flattering those in authority, afraid to speak up or speak out, because of the promotions or favors they can give us, then we might have slipped past that line. 

Perhaps you can think of other indicators and drop them in the comment section? 

At the end of the day, God has ordained for human authority and policies to be tools in his hands. But we must keep our eyes on the one who wields those tools for His purposes, not the tool itself. 

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