Embracing God's Gift of Limits (Emotionally Healthy Discipleship - Pt. 4)

October 22, 2023 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Mark 1:35-38

Jesus was fully God, but when he took on humanity he also took on human limits. He was omnipresent, but as a human he could only be in one place at one time. And therefore, he had to say no to certain demands. 

In order for us to grow in emotional maturity, we too must embrace our limits. There is only so much time in the day, only so many people we can have deep relationships with, and only so many gifts and talents given to each of us.

There are also limits that come with our season of life, our martial status, and where we live. 

And while God certainly seeks to stretch us at times, many of us have a hard time embracing our limits. We say yes to too many people out of a desire to be liked, we try to accomplish too much out of a desire to be important, and we strive for more out of envy and insecurity. 

As we rest in our identity in Jesus, we find the freedom to embrace our God-given limits --- and that will lead to more joy and more peace.