Don't Be So Bothered (Emotionally Healthy Discipleship - Intro)

October 1, 2023 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Topic: Emotions

Luke 10:38-42

As we begin a 9-week series on Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, we looked at a story about a woman named Martha who is dealing with unmet expectations. She responds to her unmet expectations in two wrong ways: 

1) She assumes it is her sister's fault, that her sister is in the wrong. 

2) She becomes overly bothered and offended by her sister's perceived wrongdoing. 

Jesus corrects her by first dealing with her emotional response and then with her wrong conclusions. 

We, too, face unmet expectations in life. Those experiences have a tendency to bring out in us our emotional immaturity. 

We can lean into the process of healing and growth, or we can continue to blame others for how we feel.