Use Your Privilege (Your Days Are Numbered - Pt. 3)

September 17, 2023 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: Your Days Are Numbered

Topic: mission, giving

We all have had some kind of disadvantage in life. Whether it's due to a background of poverty, a disability, growing up with one parent in the home, racial or ethnic oppression, or anything else - it's easy to find others who are more privileged. 

But we also have to recognize how privileged we are as well. First and foremost, if we are followers of Jesus, we have had many spiritual blessings lavishly poured out on us. We are forgiven, declared righteous, adopted, cleansed, born again, delivered and will reign with Christ forever on a new heaven & new earth in new bodies.  

On top of all that, each of us have been given many worldly blessings. We may not have as much money as certain families we know, and our house may not be as big as our neighbor's, but by the world's standards, all of us are considered rich. 

Some of us can speak multiple languages, while others have the flexibility to work from home. Some of us have spare bedrooms in our homes, while others get to be retired. We each have certain skills we can use, influence over certain spheres of society, physical abilities and various degrees of mental acuity. 

We may be tempted to believe this is all based on our hard work, but even our work ethic is a gift from God. And He wants us to spend our short time here on Earth using those privileges for his purpose, His mission, and His glory.