Why I Get So Anxious

January 1, 2023 Speaker: Justin Garden Series: Individual Sermons

Topic: Rest

John 5:4-6

Justin Garden, our youth director, shares a very honest message about why he has struggled with anxiety and burn-out this past year. 

Just like a cell phone needs to be continually charged in order to work, Jesus tells his disciples that they need to stay plugged into Him in order to have the peace and joy He wants us to have. 

But if we are trying to get through the days in our own strength, or if we are running to things like hobbies, busyness, and video games to "recharge," then we will not bear the fruit Jesus intends his followers to have. 

Before you rush to make a big list of New Year's resolutions, watch this message. 

If being PLUGGED IN is not the main priority, you may be busy but not eternally productive...successful on the outside but empty in your soul.

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