As Told By A Scoundrel: Four Soils and The Man Who Sold It All

August 28, 2022 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: As Told By a Scoundrel

Topic: joy

Matthew 13:18-23, 44

For most kids, ice cream is exciting, while broccoli is a boring necessity.

Many people start off their relationship with Jesus seeing him more like ice cream, excited about knowing Him and living for His kingdom. But over time, due to difficulties and hardships, distractions and the pursuit of wealth, we end up seeing him more like broccoli: someone we have to believe in, the right choice, but not someone whom we treasure.

In preparation for a baptism ceremony, we share Jesus' warning about how quickly our life in Christ can wither or be choked out, and the one ingredient necessary to keep us growing and being fruitful.