As Told By A Scoundrel: Authority Over Hopelessness

August 14, 2022 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: As Told By a Scoundrel

Topic: healing

Matthew 9:18-26 (Healing of Woman with Blood Issue and Jairus' Daughter)

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem so dire, so scary, and so permanent (a cancer diagnosis, a marriagecrisis) that it appears almost impossible for there to be a way out.
Other situations can drag on so long with no resolve - even after going to doctors, nutritionists, counselors, mediators, pastors, and friends - that we can't help but feel this is how life will be.
Jesus encountered two people one day, both of whom had good reason to give up hope. One had a family member receive the worse diagnosis, and the other had a chronic condition for 12 years without getting any better. In both situations, faith led to action, which led to Jesus revealing his authority over hopelessness.