As Told By A Scoundrel: Authority To Forgive Sins

August 7, 2022 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: As Told By a Scoundrel

Topic: healing

Matthew 9:1-8

Before healing a paralyzed man, Jesus tells him his sins are forgiven. This statement is extremely troubling to religious leaders. Who does he think he is? Only God can forgive sins?

That’s a question for all of us: Who do we think Jesus is? Does he really have the authority to forgive our sins? Or is he just another rabbi? Just another teacher?

And if we believe that he truly does have the authority to forgive our sins, if we have accepted his offer of forgiveness - are we living like it? Are we walking out of the shackles of shame and guilt or are we continuing to wallow in our failures? Are we showing others the same grace that we have been shown, or do we use comparison as a way to justify ourselves and feel better about our position on the moral org chart?