As Told By A Scoundrel: In Charge and Full of Grace

July 17, 2022 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: As Told By a Scoundrel

Matthew 8:5-13

Many of us come to God in times of need with the wrong mindset. We either come entitled, focused on all the good we think we've done for God and how much we deserve his healing and blessing. Or we come full of shame, believing we dare not ask too much from God because we are not worthy.
Both are wrong mindsets. Both are rooted in man-made religion.
In this passage, Jesus encounters a centurion, a Roman soldier who is not only outside the Jewish faith, but is despised by the Jews because he works for the oppressive & corrupt government. And yet Jesus praises this man's faith. This man knew he was not deserving of a miracle from Jesus, and yet he asked for one, with full confidence that Jesus carried the authority of heaven.