Exodus - Pt. 30: Hungering for More

November 21, 2021 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: Exodus

Exodus 33:1-18

In the aftermath of the Israelites' sin with the golden calf, God tells Moses that they can still go up to the Promised Land, but He will not go with them. His presence will no longer be with them the way it has been.

Moses' response shows a hunger for God more than a desire for his blessings. It shows a desire to know God more than a desire for success.

What about you?

If God was to say to you that you could have every prayer answered, receive all the healing and financial provision you need, have all family relationships restored, and have everyone on social media agree with your convictions - but that you will not feel His close presence -- what would you say? How would you respond?

Have you even ever had a closeness with God? Have you ever been hungry for Him? 

And if so, have you lost it?