Exodus - Pt. 27: Neglecting Our Priesthood

October 26, 2021 Speaker: Chris Francis Series: Exodus

Exodus 28:1-5

God appoints the first priests of Israel to tend the tabernacle and to enter into God's presence on behalf of the nation of Israel. These priests are imperfect foreshadows of the ultimate high priest, the only perfect one who could enter before God's holy throne with his own blood once and for all.

Through faith in Christ, we all get to enter "boldly before the throne of grace with confidence" (Hebrews 4:14-16). 

We also become part of his priesthood, a wonderful privilege and a high calling. This priesthood is something we too often take for granted, but we must not any longer. Our joy, the good of the world, and the glory of God depend on us embracing our priesthood.

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